Forklift truck service life

The problem

A forklift truck is typically a heavily used piece of machinery found in a wide range of industrial and service locations. Loads carried and working conditions have a dramatic effect on machine life and maintenance cost.

In many locations forklift trucks are hired rather than owned by the company using them. In this application the company owned some and hired others under a 5-year service contract.

Loads carried are not particularly heavy and the terrain over which they travel has good quality paving. Nonetheless kingpin steering sets on these trucks were prone to constant rapid failure with 2 or 3 replacements being required during an 18-month period. Replacement was associated with work to the axle beam and ultimately this would have had to be replaced as well.

The solution

Lofrix® grease was applied to the kingpin bearings.

The result

There were no repairs required during the following 18 months.