Lofrix® Original has proven to be effective in reducing temperature, friction, wear and energy consumption in industrial gearboxes, bearings, machine tooling and in all metal to metal applications, resulting in extended machine life and reduced maintenance. Lofrix® Original is especially effective in conditions of extreme wear, extended operating periods and high temperatures.

Lofrix® Original is a pure liquid, oil-dispersed friction reduction treatment, being carried by the host oil to coat metal surfaces with a barrier which is capable of withstanding extreme pressure and even temporary absence of lubricant. Lofrix® Original can be applied directly into gearboxes or used in automatic lubricating systems.

When added to automatic lubrication systems, Lofrix® Original lifts carbon deposits enabling them to be filtered from the system. Lubrication systems are then able to operate at lower pressures, reducing the amount of energy required to operate effectively and lowering oil temperatures.