Brian is the inventor and developer of Lofrix® and produced the product range after many years of patient trial and error. Brian’s background is in tribology research and development and addressing the problems of friction and heat reduction in industrial equipment. This interest in developing a solution to the perennial problem of friction crystallised and became more focussed in recent years when Brian began working to achieve a saleable solution. That started the process over many years that led to Lofrix® Original evolving into the range of commercial products available today.


Ian is a highly experienced business executive with extensive experience in the nuclear, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. He has spent much of his career involved in business analysis and business planning, developing corporate awareness and marketing strategies for a range of companies and organisations, including a leading global multi-faceted industrial company.

More recently, working for the Carbon Trust establishing their role in the Northwest, Ian’s emphasis has been on the specific area of environmental sustainability which is now a key component of the industrial paradigm. Prior to joining Lofrix, Ian headed Envirolink’s Energy Team and had responsibility for energy efficiency, renewable energy matters and innovation initiatives in the energy field.


Peter Lewin has actively supported the company since 2014 and was appointed to the Lofrix board in 2017. Peter’s role is to apply the skills and experience acquired during his previous positions as legal adviser and board director with small and large organisations both domestic and international. This includes his career at the business he co-founded and continued with for more than 20 years, where his abilities and dedicated hard work contributed greatly to its success. Because of his broad experience, in addition to his usual duties as a Lofrix director, Peter is regularly called upon to prepare contracts, review documents and conduct due diligence.