An Alternative to Wet Lubrication

Lofrix Dry is part of the Lofrix technology family of friction reduction products.

It has been developed specifically to counteract friction in applications where lubricating oil is not present. It is also used as a component pre-treatment.

Lofrix Dry creates a protective bond (tribolayer) with metal surfaces, reducing the friction between moving metal parts where a liquid lubricant is not practical or can be replaced more effectively with the Lofrix Dry technology.

This is a permanent alternative to wet lubrication.


Lofrix Dry has been extensively and independently tested by academia, industry, and internationally acknowledged institutions.

Lancaster University

Under the direction of Professor P. E. J. Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo, an investigation was undertaken at Lancaster University into the influence of Lofrix Dry on rolling contact fatigue. These tests successfully demonstrated the ability of this product to offer an alternative to wet lubrication. Subsequent to these tests, Professor Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo presented at the prestigious 1st ASTM Bearing and Transmission Steels Technology Symposium in New Orleans on Thursday 3rd November 2022.

Download the PDF presentation here

Download the PowerPoint presentation here

AMRC – Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Lofrix Dry has also been tested at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to demonstrate its ability to extend the life and effectiveness of industrial cutting tools. Read more…

Network Rail

Recent testing was carried out at The University of Sheffield to assess the friction characteristics of Lofrix Dry, to assess its potential as a railway friction modifier. Read more…

BAe Systems

Lofrix Dry is currently used on the cockpit canopy release mechanism of BAe Systems’ Typhoon Eurofighter, with five years of testing and trials undertaken before approval was granted for the product to be used in the construction and operation of the fighter aircraft. Read more…

Lofrix Dry in the Future

The ability to treat components prior to assembly offers the possibility of OEMs instructing their supply chain base to use Lofrix Dry technology on components prior to delivery, thus dramatically enhancing reliability, efficiency and significantly reducing wear, allowing equipment suppliers the opportunity to offer extended warranties.

With the impacts of the pandemic, energy crisis and increases in climate change and pollution, Lofrix Dry can prove an effective technology for every industrial and commercial sector to reduce costs and the effects on societal health and the environment.

A reduction in oil required as a lubricant (either in volume or by extending oil change intervals) through using Lofrix technology will result in lower costs for users, and a positive impact on emissions from less oil extraction and refining.

Lower emissions from all industrial sources will undoubtedly reduce the level of worldwide premature deaths from ambient air pollution estimated by the World Health Organisation to be 4,200,000 in 2016. Furthermore, with accelerating climate change, a reduction in emissions, which could come from every sector, could assist the fight against climate change.

It is difficult to envisage an industrial or commercial sector in any country in the world that cannot benefit in some way through using Lofrix technology, as a rapid return on investment can be demonstrated to all users.