The result of 20 years of research and development in the combined fields of tribology and metallurgy, the Lofrix® range consists of Oil dispersed additives, Dry lubrication treatments, Hydraulic system enhancers and High performance greases.

Lofrix® is proven to reduce the impact of metal to metal contact under the intense conditions associated with heavy industry which means that the Lofrix® range of products lower the maintenance cost of industry by:

  • Extending component life
  • Reducing plant and machinery downtime
  • Lowering operating temperatures
  • Reduces energy consumption

Additional benefits from using the Lofrix® range include:

  • Reducing vibration
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Reducing corrosion

The award-winning Lofrix® product range has been used for in excess of 7,000,000 operational hours by a number of blue-chip clients in a range of industrial sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Power stations
  • Wind turbines
  • Paper making
  • Brick, cement and aggregate manufacture
  • Metal working
  • Textiles
  • Printing